Monday, January 09, 2006

I want to meet Canada man!

Hello my dear Svetlana,

I'm so glad you emailed me. I would love to meet you. I am 26 and have no wife or girlfriend. I'm not Canadian, but you said you wanted to meet an American.

Move over here and we can be married in Vermont.


P.S. I'll send a picture if you send me one. I'm shy.

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From: "Svetlana Haines"
To: "Lincoln Haines"
Subject: I want to meet Canada man!
Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2006 19:11:35 -0700

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From: Svetlana Tabor
To: Faith Tabor
Sent: Saturday, January 07, 2006 12:21 PM
Subject: Hello from russia..

Hello have a good day,
I am not sure where to begin,it is first time I try to use internet to meet the man but the thing is, that I will work abroad I can choice USA, Canada or Europe and I would like to meet the man to share free evenings and be my guide. My friends helped me to send a few letters to different address and I do hope that I am lucky to meet good and kind man. you should know that now I live in Russia and my goal is to leave this country because it is impossible to live here for young pretty woman. they tell I look well enough, I am blonde with blue eyes, I am natural blonde. I will send a few photos if you reply. if you don't have wife nor girlfriend, maybe we could try to meet? I am free I have not children and I have not boyfriend here. I am 25 years old, please write to me directly to my mail- See you soon, with great hope.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

upping the ante

I wonder if he'll realize that I'm just playing around with him?

Hey baby,

I called the number you sent me and someone named Charles answered. I'm confused. What's going on? Why didn't you answer? I thought you loved me.


On 12/23/05, ngoy mark wrote:

Thanks for your mail, in fact i am sorry not to reply you. however my good friend i wish to see you in africa as well to you my dear. Again about the call, all you have to understand is that 00228 is my area code ok. and my telephone number is 9196955. so call it like this 002289196955, then you will get me on phone okay.


Ngoy Philip.

Happy New Year!

My intrepid buddy has forwarded me another email about his digging up of information about the supposed "Governor" of the Nigerian Central Bank.

Happy New Year!

I must urge you to take considerable caution with this fellow. Have you looked for him on


I just found an email which I had missed (in my Yahoo account: sent on the 19th of December from the Prof/CBN Governor.

He attached the employment card of the CBN and stated that they are still processing the inheritance. He also said that the "Executive Committee" is discussing "your case", as he puts it. He gave a phone number to call him. I replied that I wanted the documents I asked for, what is the story on them. Note the letter was sent from the Afghan mail account of the good "Governor".

I have asked some of the members in our family about a long lost relative in Africa and they stated that someone did once go to Africa "a long time ago", but has never been heard from. I am not saying that this could be the guy, or that I am falling for the trick but I was curious.

Best wishes for the New Year.