Saturday, March 08, 2008


Before I post the latest from Owen, let me just say that his latest email has amused me greatly. I guess he didn't like having someone play his little game with him. Sorry, not everyone on the Internet is going to fall for your stupid games of a mysterious benefactor who'll give you money! I hope that he learns that telling a woman that he loves her two days after meeting her online isn't that smart. When a woman asks for more information about him and he doesn't provide it, she's going to be upset! Oh, and for the record, Owen, honey, nothing about Adrienne is real. This is a character that I made up for the sole purpose of replying to scammers like you!

You are angry because I did not let you scam me? What you do is illegal. This email account and the blog I use are to expose people like you.

Have a good day!

On Sat, Mar 8, 2008 at 5:09 AM, wrote:
OK DO YOU WANT ME TO BE A TERRORIST instead of a scamist?

Why do you limit wisdom to yourself alone? Don't you know that the wiseness of this ages is foolishness before God Almighty. Don't you know that it is written even before the foundation of this world that " curse is he who did not keep all that is written in the law ". Why are you placing yourself in the bar of God claiming that you are a good patroitisim by thinking that you stupid attitude of placing my converstaion with you on net. Where were you whan your great ground father's were capturing our great groung father's and and use them as slaves? Why did'nt you place their illegal actions on google net? or have you not read that what you sow you must suely reap.
If you must know, what you are don't is just putting your soul in fire because last night you went about furnicating and you claim to be doing what please God without knowing you scam is bettter than living a life full of illicit sexual acts.
I will like to have you as a friend to tell you some certain things you don't know because there is no end to wisdom.
Even President Bush himself and his governing officials are happy that nigerian are into scam and not into terrorisim. Ok baby, do want me to be a terrorist?
Get back to me because i am capable of sending you money to visit me here in africa so that i will cruse you around and you enjoy life here in this third world country.
My is myco and i will give every information concerning me on phone if you cares.
I love you baby. bye for now and leave that fucking thig you are doing because you can not stop us from sucking people as a revenge of what your great parents did to our fathers.
Just he Myco.


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