Friday, March 14, 2008

Nice try, scammer

If you have a problem with answering the person's simple request, don't expect them to give you a real email address or to call you. I asked Owen/Lawrence whatever his name is for a photo and to explain what Myco is (he keeps changing his name on me) and look what he sent to me. First he sent back this email and then a new one that I supposedly wrote to him. The subject line's "HERE IS MY PICTURES."

This blog's here to show what liars these scammers are. It's not like I'm the one randomly emailing people to try and take their money. I reply because I'm tired of getting the spam!

Nice try, wise guy. I wouldn't make those kind of spelling errors or lies. All you had to do was send me one photo of you.

Goodbye and have fun scamming people.

On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 10:32 PM, wrote:

Dear Mr Owen,
I'll give you my second email address and my real photograph if you promise to stand as my beneficiary because here in America all my relatives deserted me when my father was killed in New York four years ago.
I love you and i will marry you if you will be sincere and faithful as you promised me.
With unfeign love from Adrienne.


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