Monday, March 17, 2008

we will reimburse you for your expanses

Dear Mark,

I hope I am replying to the correct email address. I received an email from your associate, Nora.

I am interested in this position. I have never been to Zurich and would like to see the country. I am 30 years old. Right now I don't have a phone number as it's not working, but it should be fixed in a few days.

It is good to hear that my expanses will be covered as I tend to gain weight around the holidays. I will make sure to keep my receipts for you so that you can reimburse me for that! My gym trainer will be very happy.

Adrienne Populi

On , 16 Mar 2008 17:52:00 +0800, Nora Riley wrote:

My name is Mark Sanderson. I'm the human resources department manager of "Business software Pro". I have looked through your resume at and think you can be one of the candidates for the position we offer.
Our company "Zurich Gruppe (Deutch Division)" is seeking for Financial Services Commercial Account Manager:
Responsibilities include: Handle current commercial accounts, basic computer skills to track day to day activity, expand client data base assets management, simple management activities.
$35.000 - $50.000 USD
There is no start up fees, no training fees. NOTHING – this is what you have to pay before and even during work with us. All the expanses you make we will 100% returned to you (when the receipts are provided).
We would love to see you among our team. Please, let us know as soon as possible, because we need the person for this position immediately.

If you're interested send your full name, phone number, age to:



Ko ln, Riehler Stra, 50668



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