Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Did she even read my email?

Dearest Adrienne,

Thanks alot for your immediate reply, concern and williness to assist me in this matter. As a matter of fact I am more than happy to read your mail in which you indicated your INTEREST, I am also happy that I got the right person to entrust the money to.

First and foremost, I want you to be aware that I have discussed things with my son (CLEMENT) concerning how he will meet you as soon as the money is released to you by the bank here. I will personally introduced you to the bank's management first thing this afternoon before I go to the hospital to see my doctor for medical check up.

I shall also give to you the contact of the bank in my next message to you, after I must have introduced you to the bank Director Dr Fransis Frichet, so that he will tell you the procedures to receive the money into your foreign account.

I am not feeling very fine as I am writing you this message,I wll communicate with you to soonest, when I return from the hospital.

Finally, you should not be afraid at all to help as this transaction is 100% risk free.I hope the bank here will be able to explain to you better on what to do to receiving the money into your account there in your country.

Expecting to hearing from you soonest. Please for further communication i would like you to replt through this adress: anikb0067@yahoo.fr.

Remain blessed in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Mrs. Anita.

Dear Anita,

Do you still need me to tell you about a good, less expensive cocoa processing machine?

Adrienne Populi
CEO Productivity Machinery


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