Tuesday, August 02, 2005

this guy can't make up his mind




I am Bobmax from Zaire, presently known as Democratic Republic of Congo. I am the son of late Maramotto Sese Seiko, the former Central Bank Governor, during the regime of his immediate senior brother, late president Mobutu Sese Seiko of Zaire, Republic of Congo. I got your contact from Chambers of Commerce and Industry here in Dubai.

As a result of my discrete search for a reliable foreign partner, I am delighted to confront you based on a profile conviction about your experience in investment programme. I now decided to write you as well as to let you know that I need your assistance in helping me to invest my money.

In fact, I left my country with a reasonable amount of money, which belongs to my late father during the time of war in my country when the present government, controlled by President Laurent Kabila, who sent my uncle away from the presidential seat, and my father was shot by the rebels, I managed to leave the country with the sum of (US. 10,000,000.00) Ten Million US Dollars, which is with me here in Dubai, in cash as well. Hoping you will respond to my call to assist me in investing this money, because I am totally ignorant of investment and I was in school when the war broke out in my country.

For your assistance and co-operation, I have decided to bequeath to you, 15% of the total sum involved and 5% mapped out for any miscellaneous expenses that we may incur during the process of transferring this money to your country. Moreover, it is risk free in the sense that I have taken proper care of all the formalities regarding to this transaction. I am presently 30 years of age and should not be expected to withdraw this fund from the security firm where I deposited it for safekeeping till I am convinced that you can be able to take care of the transaction.

The bottom line is that we need to meet here in Dubai to arrange on the relocation of the funds to your country. Items and the things I want are:
1. Helping me to bank the money in a safe account.
2. Help me to get residential papers and giving me directions as to what to invest on.

Please give me a call as soon as you receive my message to enable me finalize with the security company, where I deposited it for safekeeping.

Best regards,

Hey Baby,

You didn't give me your phone number. How am I supposed to call you? You know, I can definitely help you with some investment ideas. I'd love to invest in the 7-star hotel you guys have in Dubai. What do you think about that? Please email me soon!

Love you,


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